More VAC Pink Slips

OTTAWA – A Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) spokesperson said today that 233 letters regarding staff reductions were sent across the country. Twenty-two positions at the head office in Charlottetown will be affected.

“Minister Blaney has long stated that service levels will not be affected by staff reductions, but this statement is indefensible now that each remaining case worker will be responsible for 40 clients,” said John Percy, Veterans Affairs Critic for the Green Party of Canada.

“Downloading veterans issues to Service Canada locations is, at best, spin for public consumption. Service Canada personnel are not trained in the needs of veterans and, in what can be described as the ultimate catch-22, can only refer them back to VAC,” added Mr. Percy.

“Add this to the closing of VAC offices in Nova Scotia and it demonstrates the shallowness of this government’s commitment to those whose sacrifice they have openly disdained for years,” concluded John Percy.

District Offices across Canada are still slated for closure in February 2014. Tomorrow, veterans in Nova Scotia will protest the closure of the Sydney office. 


Media Contact:
Stéphane Vigneault

Communications Coordinator, Green Party of Canada 

cell: 613.614.4916