Grassroots Petition Presses For Robocall Scandal Inquiry

OTTAWA – Members of Parliament Elizabeth May (Saanich–Gulf Island), Craig Scott (Toronto–Danforth) and Stéphane Dion (St-Laurent–Cartierville) joined forces today and tabled a petition calling for an investigation into the Conservative's Robocall scandal.

 Two citizens, Tara Ferrell and Jonathan Allan, initiated the petition. They were also involved in organizing the big Robocall rallies in Toronto. Deeply concerned about the state of our democracy, they created a website [] in order to collect signatures for their petition. Their cooperation was an overwhelming success as 1,500 people signed the petition. The Green Party also collected more than 8,000 signatures on its special Robocall website [].

 The three MPs made statements in the House this morning:

  • “I have over 600 signatures here from the Toronto area. The petitioners are seeking a full, independent investigation. Without making allegations as to who was behind it, we know something untoward occurred in 2011. We want answers,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.
  • “I applaud Tara and Jonathan who worked hard to get all of these signatures. This admirable grassroots initiative is raising awareness about an issue that speaks to the vulnerability of our democracy, to the combined threat of communications technology and unscrupulous people,” said Craig Scott.
  • “What is key for these citizens is to be sure that we will know if the democratic right of some Canadians to vote has been suppressed because some people mislead them on the day of the election,” said the Hon. Stéphane Dion.



Media Contact:
Stéphane Vigneault
Communications Coordinator, Green Party of Canada 
cell: 613.614.4916