Green Party Urges Restraint in Canadian Response to United Nations Vote

OTTAWA – Green Party Leader and Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands Elizabeth May urged that the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird take a more reasoned and balanced approach to the recent vote at the UN.  

“Although Canada's position against the motion was clear and has been noted, now that the Palestinian authority has been granted non-member observer status, it is time to tone down the rhetoric and join an effort for a peaceful resolution”, said May.

“The UN vote in no way prohibits the right of Israel to exist. The modern state of Israel was created in 1947 by a vote in the UN General Assembly. Denouncing the vote this week accomplishes nothing”, added May.

The Green Party of Canada urges that both the Palestinian Authority and the state of Israel immediately commit to a peace process, ensuring the current cease-fire holds.

“The support of the community of nations in ensuring the protection of Israel and justice and peace for the Palestinian people must be our first concern. Despite our vote, let's move forward and ensure this moment is enshrined in history as the beginning of a durable peace,” concluded May. 


Media Contact:
Stéphane Vigneault
Communications Coordinator, Green Party of Canada 
cell: 613.614.4916