New Poll Shows Green Surge in By-Elections Campaigns

OTTAWA – A new poll published today by Forum Research shows momentum is now on the Green side in Calgary Centre and Victoria by-elections.

In Calgary Centre, Green candidate Chris Turner’s support went from 11% two weeks ago to 23%, a massive 109% surge.

In comparison, the Conservative candidate went from 48% to 32%, the Liberal candidate from 28% to 30% and the NDP candidate from 8% to 12%.

In Victoria, Green candidate Donald Galloway is in second place. His support went from 20% to 26% in two weeks. In comparison, the NDP candidate’s support did not rise and remained at 47%. With support down at 14% for the Liberal candidate and 12% for the Conservative candidate, Galloway is now the clear contender.

“This is very exciting news for the Green Party. The Greens now have the momentum. More and more people are willing to give the Greens a chance in these by-elections,” said Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada Leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands.

“We now have a race in both Calgary Centre and Victoria. Canadians saw what the Green Party can do with one MP and they want more. They are tired of voting against a party or a candidate. They want to make a positive choice,” concluded May.

Ms. May will take part in campaign rallies in Calgary Centre Saturday November 17th [] and in Victoria Monday November 19th[].

By-elections will be held November 26th, 2012.


Media Contact:
Stéphane Vigneault
Communications Coordinator, Green Party of Canada 
cell: 613.614.4916