Harper's Canada: Arms Trade More Important Than Human Life

OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada deplores the direction Canada has taken in the United Nations arms trade treaty negotiations that began July 2 in New York. 

In its opening statement at the conference, the Canadian delegation advocated a treaty with large loopholes.  According to the statement, a new treaty would apply only to some types of firearms ownership and use; any signatory nation could determine how the treaty would apply to it, and the administration process would be 'minimal.' 

"Coming up with these loopholes represents an enormous step backward for Canada," noted Ellen Michelson, the Green Party of Canada's Peace and Security advocate.  "If adopted, they will dramatically increase the challenges of arms control internationally, and will make curtailing handgun trade and use in Canada's urban areas much more difficult."

The Green Party of Canada has long advocated multilateral disarmament. 

"The Harper Conservatives’ recommendations at this conference encourage the arms trade industry.  If enacted, they will cost lives," asserted Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands and leader, Green Party of Canada. 

"Canada is once again out of step with our global community.  Before negotiations end July 27, I urge other nations to show the leadership that Canada has not and draw up a strong treaty which supports conflict resolution and respects humanitarian values." 


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