Greens in support of locked out workers

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada is standing in support of the more
than 400 locked out Electro-Motive Canada workers.  

“It’s outrageous that a profitable company would ask workers to accept a
50 percent wage cut on top of cuts to benefits and pensions.  Instead of
handing out billions in big corporate tax cuts, we need to support businesses
creating well-paying local jobs,” said Green Party of Ontario Leader Mike
Schreiner, who is attending the workers’ rally with London area Greens on
Saturday, January 21st. 

“Unfortunately, these London workers are experiencing first hand that
corporate tax cuts do not lead to more employment,” said Green Leader May
(Saanich-Gulf Islands).  “The manufacturing industry is suffering in
Canada yet the Harper government simply gives out bailouts without adequately protecting
Canadian jobs.”

Since 2000, corporate income taxes in Canada have been almost in half.

“Electro-Motive is Canada’s only locomotive manufacturer.  This
latest crisis also reminds us of the total lack of government investment into
our rail lines, putting us far behind other countries.  An improved
rail system would make Canada more economically competitive and provide
thousands of new jobs,” said May.

The Green Party would re-invest in our national rail systems, building
more train cars in Canada, increasing train speeds and phasing in high speed
rail where feasible, and creating green transportation and energy
infrastructure corridors in key regions.