Congratulations to Ontario Greens

OTTAWA -- Congratulations to all of the Ontario Green Party candidates on a well-run, well-fought campaign from the Green Party of Canada.  "The Green Party of Ontario has had a significant presence in this election with many candidates included in local debates, many volunteers going door to door and a compelling leader in Mike Schreiner.  They have all done a terrific job in getting the Green message to Ontario voters," said Leader Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands.  "Unfortunately we have seen a decline in the Green vote as many chose to vote strategically in this close race between the Conservatives and the Liberals.  Ironically, Premier McGuinty was under attack for his green initiatives and with both the NDP and the Conservatives running anti-environmental platforms, many traditional green voters felt they had to vote Liberal to defend green policies.  It created a very uphill terrain for Mike Schreiner out in a first time campaign. Keeping him out of the debates and out of mainstream coverage was clearly a large factor."

"Hats off to all Green Party of Ontario, volunteers and staff. They poured heart and soul into this election. Although these are disappointing results, we know the green movement will continue to grow," said May.


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