Greens surpass NDP in PEI vote

OTTAWA -- The Green Party is increasingly the choice for voters in Prince Edward Island.  In Monday's provincial election, the Greens saw gains, receiving 4.5% of the vote and surpassing the NDP at 3%.  The Green Party of Prince Edward Island's Leader, Sharon Labchuk, received a record 13% of the vote in her riding.

"Sincere congratulations to all of the Greens who worked so hard in this election," said federal Leader Elizabeth May.  "Voters are realizing that the Green Party best represents their values and their vision for our country. Voters responded to Sharon Labchuk's leadership, appreciating policies that make sense for the long-term, that would protect the environment and encourage tourism."

With proportional representation, the Green Party would now have a seat in PEI, highlighting the need for reforming Canada's electoral system.  "With every election, we realize the urgent need for updating our electoral system to ensure that every person's vote counts," said May.


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