Manitoba Green Party Leader Fighting Tight Race in Election

WINNIPEG- Manitoba Green Party Leader James Beddome, candidate in the
Winnipeg constituency of Wolseley, is in a tight battle that could elect the
first provincial Green Party representative in Canada.

If elected, Beddome would follow the success of Canadian Green Party
Leader Elizabeth May, who won a seat in the federal riding of Saanich-Gulf
Islands this past May.

“The election of Ms. May has changed voters’ awareness, and people are
beginning to realize that better things are possible,” said Beddome

Green party volunteers from across the city spent the weekend canvassing
Wolseley voters, who are excited about the prospect of making history on
Tuesday. Momentum in the Wolseley campaign has steadily increased since James
Beddome participated in the televised leaders debate.

"We feel voters in Wolseley have the intelligence and courage to elect the
first Green Party MLA. We are hearing at the door that Wolseley voters realize
they have an opportunity to make history on Tuesday," said Beddome.

The Green Party of Manitoba has candidates in 32 of 57 seats in this election –
more than twice the number of candidates who ran in the 2007 election.

Beddome has been Manitoba party leader since 2008 and is a student at
the University of Manitoba law faculty. His family home is a farm near Brandon,

The Green Party of Canada urges voters in Wolseley to vote on Tuesday
and make history by electing an articulate, caring voice for the future – James

The Green Party of Canada congratulates the Green Party of P.E.I.,
Green Party of Manitoba, and Green Party of Ontario, for their campaign energy
and platforms. P.E.I votes today, October 3rd, 2011, Manitoba on
Tuesday October 4th and Ontario on Thursday October 6th!

Debra Eindiguer