International Day of Older Persons

OTTAWA -- The International Day of Older Persons, on October 1st, is a day to celebrate the contributions that our seniors have provided to our country and to consider how we can better support them as they age.   “Seniors are an incredible resource with a wealth of experience and much to contribute,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.  “Canada must ensure that we provide our elders with independence, well-being and dignity, which includes health care, housing, and transportation in their communities.”

“Seniors on fixed incomes may be particularly vulnerable and it is important that our system recognize the unique needs of our aging population,” said Ms. May.  “Seniors’ care should be provided in the communities where they or their families live, with expanded home support services as well as more long term care beds.”

The Green Party accepts the principle advocated by the Canadian Diabetes Association that no Canadian should spend more than 3% of his or her total after tax earnings on necessary prescribed medications and other treatments.

“The diversity of Canada’s seniors in terms of levels of activity and health means that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.   Policy makers need to consider all seniors’ needs when dealing with healthcare, public transit, and safety, as well as secure pensions and fairer taxes,” said May.


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