Greens support process leading to Palestinian statehood

OTTAWA - The Green Party of Canada supports the plan of Palestinian
officials to ask the United Nations to recognize an independent Palestinian state
within 1967 borders, given the lack of any real progress in the peace process.

"This complex and crucial conflict has left deep scars.  The Green Party
supports a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict that addresses
the security, economic, and religious concerns of both sides.  This U.N.
resolution could get the process moving again towards a real solution,"
said Leader Elizabeth May.

Greens acknowledge the history of external interference and the complexity of
the relationships of regional players in the Middle East, and feel Canada's
role is to utilize diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions, find working
solutions, and uphold international humanitarian law.  A comprehensive and
sustainable peace in the region as a whole will also require strong support for
the efforts of civil society groups working for peace, human rights, and

The Green Party urges both Israeli and Palestinian authorities to use extreme
caution and collaborate in good faith to protect peace along the border during
this transition period.