East Africa facing climate crisis and possible famine

OTTAWA - The situation in East African is becoming dire and a quick Canadian response could save many lives, says the Green Party.  Following up on an awareness campaign by the respected Canadian NGO network, the Humanitarian Coalition, Greens are calling for Canada to direct aid funds to the drought-stricken region.  “East Africa is suffering more frequent drought cycles because of climate change.  What we are seeing is a pre-cursor of devastating famine – we must act now to do what we can to help these people,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

The Humanitarian Coalition is a network of Canada’s leading aid organizations including: CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan Canada and Save the Children Canada.

Severe drought, particularly in Kenya and Somalia, has resulted in a food crisis and widespread malnutrition, affecting thousands of children.  Parts of northeast Kenya have only received 10% of the normal rainfall level.  The Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya, already over-populated, have swelled by more than 20,000 people just in the past few weeks because of Somalis fleeing the drought conditions. The Humanitarian Coalition has launched an emergency appeal.

“Canadian funds could be better spent helping avert famine, address the overcrowding in Dadaab, and helping East African communities adapt to climate change droughts, than on dropping more bombs on Libya,” said May.


Kieran Green
Director of Communications
(613) 614-4916