Green Party supports Calgary Stampede, urges end to calf roping

CALGARY – Green Party Leader Elizabeth May will attend
the Calgary Stampede again this year, showing her support for an iconic
Canadian event. However, the Green Party is also supporting a call from
Canadian Humane Societies to improve animal welfare by ending the calf-roping
event. The Green Party would also look at ending other rodeo events that
involve injury, baiting and/or causing stress and fear for the animals

“The Stampede is a celebration of Alberta, of
the early pioneer days and of a current way of life. It’s about being close to
the land and respecting the land. That’s why I look forward to participating
every year,” said Ms. May. “As with many traditions, however, impacts must be
examined. More steps can be taken to protect animals, and ending calf-roping
would be a positive step to keep the Stampede in touch with the times and
respect public concern for compassionate treatment of animals.”

The Green Party of Canada does not support a
call from the UK Green Party for Prince William and Princess Kate to boycott
the Calgary Stampede.  “We welcome the Royal couple. This is a great
opportunity for them to be part of a truly Canadian experience.  We
hope that public pressure is respectful of the event itself, while pressing for
needed change,” said Ms. May.

Elizabeth May will take part in Stampede events
this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She will not attend any events that have been
identified for concerns about animal welfare.

Kieran Green
Director of Communications
1-866-868-3447 x 226