Elizabeth May calls for federal assistance for victims of flooding in Manitoba and Quebec

OTTAWA - Elizabeth May, Leader of the
Green Party and MP-elect for Saanich-Gulf Islands, is calling on the federal
government to provide federal government support for the thousands of Canadians
impacted by flooding in Manitoba and in Quebec.

“The provinces and victims
should not have to bear the burden of clean-up and recovery for these massive
disasters alone. There should be federal support, especially for the First
Nations communities that have been affected,” said Ms. May. “The federal
government will also have to be prepared to assist with the environmental
impacts, as there are concerns these floods have washed large quantities of
sewage and farm chemicals into sensitive waterways.”

“This is an unprecedented
situation, with serious flooding happening simultaneously in multiple regions
of the continent,” added Ms. May. “Once the clean-up is done and life has
returned to normal for the affected communities, we are going to have to look
at the broader ramifications.”



Kieran Green
Director of Communications