Elizabeth May Supports OpenMedia's Canada's Digital Future Campaign

(OTTAWA) September 15, 2015 Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada (Saanich - Gulf Islands) issued an open letter in support of OpenMedia’s campaign Canada’s Digital Future :

“Privacy, free expression and affordable access are all critical for the future of Canada’s internet. That is why I am endorsing Open Media’s pro-internet plan and encouraging all Green Party candidates to do the same.

“The Green Party of Canada wants legislative infrastructure for an internet that reflects Canadian values. In our recently released platform, we commit to repealing C­51 in its entirety, ceasing the intolerable mass surveillance of Canadians by our security organizations, and expanding access to the web so all Canadians can contribute to a creative, free and openinternet. Our platform strongly supports Net Neutrality and vigorously opposes the Trans­Pacific Partnership.

“Digital rights are human rights. As the web grows and evolves, we will face new legislative and regulatory challenges. We need politicians who are willing to defend those rights, stand up for users and passionately advocate for an internet that isopen and free, where Canadians have aright to privacy.

“We need Green Members of Parliament to protect Canada’s digital future”