Leader's Job Description

Leader's Job Description

The Leader of the Green Party of Canada (GPC) is the principal spokesperson for the Party.

The position of leader in the GPC aligns with GPC Values and Principles, and therefore is understood to follow the principles of servant leadership*. The leader is called upon to inspire, motivate and mobilize the Green movement and help it grow, influencing public opinion and decision-making in the Parliament of Canada. The Leader must be a Party member in good standing and is expected to run in federal elections called during their term. The job includes, but not exclusively, the following responsibilities and tasks:



  • Represent the GPC as its principal spokesperson by faithfully communicating Green Party principles and values, GPC policies, and platform.
  • Promote the work of the GPC caucus to the media, GPC members and the voting public.
  • Able to vigorously defend and advance GPC policy in debates and with national media in English, French and/or an Indigenous language.
  • Promote and cultivate healthy, respectful and positive working relationships with all key GPC entities: Council, staff (especially the Executive Director), Shadow Cabinet, Caucus, Electoral District Associations (EDAs) and Members.
  • Travel as required to promote the Green Party, expand membership, attend fundraising events and meet with members and Canadians. 
  • Maintain ties with the Global Greens. 
  • Take active steps to listen to, motivate and unite members in supporting the GPC’s shared vision, principles and values.
  • Enhance and protect the reputation of the party.

Policy, elections, platform

  • Develop strategies and campaigns with caucus that respond to the government’s legislative agenda and promote GPC policies and values through the use of Private Members Bills, Private Members Motions and parliamentary petitions. 
  • Appoint critic roles within the Caucus in coordination with the Parliamentary House Leader. 
  • Coordinate the work of Shadow Cabinet with the parliamentary work of the elected caucus. 
  • As Shadow Cabinet co-chair, manage the development and updating of the GPC's platform and Vision Green in a timely manner before elections.
  • Appoint Deputy Leaders (optional) and Shadow Cabinet members, employing a timely, fair, and transparent process.
  • Serve on the Campaign Working Group (CWG), or equivalent, if formed, as a voting member.
  • Assist EDAs in recruiting strong, exceptional and diverse candidates.


  • Work across the party to support a successful fundraising strategy.
  • Fundraise to support the activities of the GPC, in collaboration with the fundraising team.
  • Participate in fundraising events.

Justice, equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Promote justice, equity, diversity and inclusion within the party and outside of the GPC.
  • Promote respect for and a broad understanding of Indigenous rights and issues.
  • Raise the GPC's profile among voters in general and in particular among those from historically marginalized groups.

Internal governance

  • Supervising staff, including those who are unionized employees of the GPC Fund, in the leader’s office based on a budget approved by Federal Council.
  • Participate as an equal voting member of Federal Council.
  • Avoid, and declare if unavoidable, any perceived or real conflicts of interest.
  • Participate in a continual collaborative Leader performance review process designed and undertaken by Federal Council.
  • Abide by the GPC Members’ Code of Conduct and Federal Council Code of Conduct.
  • Other duties that may arise during the course of their term.


*A servant leader strives to serve and lift others, rather than accrue power or control; values and stewards teamwork to strengthen an organization; is an attentive listener, appreciative, aware and caring of others, self-aware, humble, persuasive, visionary, trusting and trustworthy.