Leadership Contest Complaint Form

The Leadership Contest Authority will investigate potential violations related to the the following documents only:

  • The Canada Elections Act;
  • The GPC Constitution and bylaws;
  • The Leadership Contest Rules
  • Members Code of Conduct

For the Leadership Contest Authority to investigate and resolve complaints in a timely manner it’s important for you to complete the following steps in full.

Which set of rules are relevant to your complaint/do you allege have been violated? *

By clicking submit I affirm that the statements above are true to the best of my knowledge and I am acting in good faith.The information provided in this form is collected to investigate potential violations of the Canada Elections Act, the GPC Constitution and Bylaws, and the Leadership Contest Rules of the GPC. This information is used for investigative purposes by the Leadership Contest Authority (LCA). If the LCA believes there has been a violation of the Canada Elections Act information shared in this complaint may be shared with the office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections. To further an investigation, some personal information may be shared with the office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections, GPC staff, the Leadership Contest Committee or the GPC Federal Council.