Leadership Contest Complaint Form

Complaint Form

The Leadership Contest Arbiter (“LCA”) will receive, consider and decide on alleged violations of the 2022 Leadership Contest Rules. 

For the LCA to consider your complaint, it is necessary for you to complete this form in full and attach any supporting documentation. The LCA will return any incomplete form for completion. If you have questions, please contact the LCA by email at lca.contest@greenparty.ca

A complaint must be made by a person with direct knowledge or evidence of the alleged Rule violation. Your own witnessing (direct knowledge) of an alleged Rule violation is sufficient, but supporting documentation will greatly assist the LCA’s inquiry.

Attach supporting documents and records such as screenshots, photos, scanned images, video clips or audio recordings. Attach supporting files below.

By clicking submit I affirm that the statements above are true to the best of my knowledge and I am acting in good faith. The information provided in this form is collected to investigate potential violations of the Leadership Contest Rules of the GPC. This information is used for investigative purposes by the Leadership Contest Arbiter (“LCA”). To further an investigation, information contained in the complaint may be shared with the subject of the complaint, any witnesses relevant to the verification of the facts involved in a complaint, and any third party as required by law. Information submitted will be stored in accordance with the Leadership Contest Rule 5.15.