Compliance Decisions

These are the decisions made by the Leadership Contest Authority and the Leadership Contest Committee in response to official complaints against Leadership Contestants.

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Infraction #1

Date of complaint:  2020/06/23

Complaint against: Dylan Perceval-Maxwell

Date of infraction: 2020/06/23

Violation of: Members’ Code of Conduct

Leadership Contest Authority Ruling: The LCA determined that on 2020/06/23, the contestant violated the Members’ Code of Conduct. The result is expulsion from the leadership contest on 2020/06/30.

Date of appeal: 2020-07-02

Grounds for appeal: The contestant argued that his actions did not amount to a violation of the Members’ Code of Conduct. 

Leadership Contest Committee Ruling: The LCC ruled to reject the contestant’s appeal on 2020/07/08.