Investing in Small Business

When looking to grow the Canadian economy, the first question government should ask is ‘how do we grow small business?’

Small Business – By The Numbers

  • Over 1,000,000 – small businesses operate in Canada
  • More than 7,700,000 – Canadians are employed by small businesses
  • 69.7% – of private sector workers are employed by a small business
  • 51% – Over half of all investment in Research & Development in Canada is made by small businesses
  • $7.7 Billion – annual amount small businesses invest in innovation and new technology
  • 92% – of Canadian agricultural exports come from farms that are classified as small businesses
  • $307 Billion – annual contribution of small businesses to Canada’s GDP

Green MPs Will

  • Establish a federally-funded Green Venture Capital Fund to support viable local businesses  
  • Reduce the paperwork burden on small businesses by eliminating red tape  
  • Ensure that small businesses are exempt from any increases to the corporate tax rate