Fundraising Chair report from Jason Crummey

The Report of the Federal Fundraising Chair (Jason Crummey) August 1996- August 1998
Submitted to "The Greens on the Red" Winnipeg Manitoba August 15, 1998.


In the last two years I have served on the Green Party National Executive. In that time I haveserved with with three different Federal Leaders, two different National Executive chairs, three National Membership Chairs, two B.C. National Executive Representatives, three Terra Nova National Executive Representatives, two National Registered Agents and two different Policy Chairs.

In the last two years I have worked to build the Green Party of Canada. I submit this report as my final duty as Federal Fundraising Chair. I submit this report with no prejudice. I look forward to us building the Green Party of Canada.

Arrow Lakes Conference at Castlegar B.C.

In August 1996 I attended the Green Party of Canada Bi-annual General Meeting. This meeting was termed the Arrow Lakes meeting. At this meeting I was nominated by Andy Shadrack for the position of fund- raising Chair. I accepted the nomination and was acclaimed to the position.

To the best of my knowledge, I am the first ever federal fund-raising chair for the Green Party of Canada. I was made aware that Frank de Jong ( Organizing Chair) and Steve Kisby (International Liaison) had worked on fund-raising. However, I was not offered any copy of previous

minutes, fund-raising letters or fund-raising lists.

At the Arrow Lakes A.G.M. I attended the fund-raising workshop. I became acquainted with the newly elected executive. I received advise from E. Yacub and others on new fund-raising concepts and became aware of the Julian West project.

Networking in British Columbia-1996

As national fund-raising chair, I recognized myself to be a party bureaucrat. I could not work alone. I realized that I must network and create a volunteer fund-raising committee. It was to this end that I attended meetings, drafted letters and contacted party members.

In September 1996, I attended a Vancouver Greens meeting where I received helpful advice from Stuart Parker (Leader of the Green Party of British Columbia). During September and October 1996 I was in regular contact with the B.C. representative Mr. Manuel Erikson. And I visited the Green Party of B.C. office at 5-3147 Kingsway Vancouver.

In September, I contacted (via e-mail) all possible members of the National Executive and Regional Representatives to request fund- raising Input. There were no replies to my communications. However, there was criticism posted on the listserve as to my mode of communication-via a Green Party of Canada (NFLD) member, Mr. N. Vinnicomb.

The communications via Vinnicomb were questioned and viewed with suspicion by a vocal minority of National Executive members. Much more time and effort appeared to be spent on the method of my communication rather than the content of the message and the request for replies.

Despite the apparent ambivalence to my bureaucratic exercises, I believed that the Green Party of Canada was making some headway on creating a federal fund-raising network. On September 23, 1996, I drafted and mailed a three page document to the Hub Office and all Provincial Units. This three page document included 1) a time line 2) a two page document outlining fund-raising schemes. I receive no response.

Networking in Ottawa Ontario-1996

In October I visited Ottawa and had a short amicable and very helpful meeting with Frank de Jong (Organizing Chair). de Jong offered constructive criticism on my document of September 23.

In late October there was a Green Party meeting in Ottawa. At this meeting were five members of the National Executive: F. de Jong (Organizing Chair), W. and R. Priesnitz (Membership Chair and Leader), L. Segatti (Policy Chair) and J. Crummey (Federal Fund- raising Chair). At this meeting The Priesnitz's, Green party volunteers and myself discussed fund-raising. Green Party volunteers who were present included: Mr. Don Dean and Mr. Whyne. shortly after this meeting, I returned to Newfoundland.

The Christmas Fund-raising Appeal-1996

In acquainting myself with fund-raising, I read a number of books on the theory of fund-raising and I asked questions of other Green Party members as to the substance of letters and fund-raising lists.

To be quite honest, I expected some direction from the members of the National Executive. From October until December Rolf & Wendy Priesnitz (Membership Chair/ Party Leader) and I communicated regularly (via telephone and internet) on fund-raising issues. Rolf worked with Johnny Olered (Fund-raising Advisor). I worked with Hedley Pinsent (Terra Nova Green Member) and other Newfoundland Green Party volunteers.

Rolf Priesnitz (Membership Secretary) provided me (via internet) with a list of 600 plus names. Hedley Pinsent (Terra Nova Green Member) and I had to find a further 300 plus names to make a fund-raising mail out feasible.]

Hedley Pinsent (Terra Nova Green Member) personally sank over $100 dollars into this project. SJ Blackmore (Terra Nova Green Member) drafted the fund-raising appeal letter.

A researcher was hired to cull the names of environmentally friendly individuals and companies. Unfortunately, this researcher included several names of large industrial companies. This appears to have been done as a joke. The act was overlooked by Hedley Pinsent (Terra Nova Green Member) and me.

The deadline to ensure that Fund-raising letters were delivered by Canada Post before Christmas was December 14, 1996. For several days we worked feverishly to meet the December 14, 1996 deadline After this deadline was passed and the letters were mailed, Newfoundland Green members and volunteers receive a number of phone calls from Steve Kisby (International Liaison).

Kisby (International Liaison) questioned the legitimacy of our actions. Kisby (International Liaison) seemed to think that the Newfoundland Green Party members and volunteers had committed some hubris by attempting to fulfill the agenda of the fund-raising committee, to draft a fund-raising letter and solicit funds for the Green Party of Canada.

In hindsight I understand Kisby's anxiety. However, several Newfoundland Green Party members were genuinely hurt by the reactions to our volunteer work. One left the organization soon after this event and referred to this event as his reason.

Federal Fund-raising Regulations 1996

At the Christmas 1996 teleconference, the Federal Fund-raising Regulations (1996) were submitted to the National Executive and accepted by consensus. The Fund-raising regulations are:

1996 Federal Fund-raising Regulations Fund-raising Committee of the Green Party of Canada Procedure for the Committee and it's Sub-Committees

Fund-raising correspondence must be addressed to:

2 Portugal Cove Rd.
St. John's Newfoundland
A.B. 2L9
Attention: Chair

Members of the Federal Fund-raising Committee are expected to develop mailing lists; to organize mail outs; to recruit registered agents and to endeavor to uphold the principles and tenets of the Green Party of Canada.

All Federal Fund-raising members will organize or chair at least one subcommittee in a unit, a province or a region. There are three exceptions to this, the Leader, The Chair and the Chief Agent are not required to chair a sub-committee. Sub-committees are expected to develop fund- raising initiatives in a unit, province, or region. They are expected to work semi-autonomously of one another. The primary role of the sub-committee is to raise funds for the Green Party of Canada Box 397 London ON N6A 4W1. For federal fund-raising purposes, all cheques should be addressed to the Green Party of Canada and all donations mailed directly to Box 397 London ON N6A 4W1. However, subcommittee members are permitted to raise additional funds for local projects and initiatives.

To ensure accountability, any subcommittee should have only one person vested with the rights duties and obligations of a Federal Fund-raising Committee member. Fund-raising lists and final drafts of fund-raising letters are expected to be deposited with the Federal Fund-raising Chair by the chair of the sub-committee. They can be deposited in writing or electronic text. In this way, the Chair will endeavor to ensure that standards are maintained and duplication does not occur in fund-raising efforts.

The Federal Fund-raising Committee vests in sub-committees the authority to solicit funds for the Green Party of Canada. Federal Fund-raising Committee members are not to be permitted to allow their sub-committees to pass motions or record minutes that would allow such sub-committees to borrow money or accrue burdensome debt on behalf of the Green Party of Canada.

Application for membership to the Federal Fund-raising Committee must be made in writing and submitted to the Leader or the Chair. Application for Registered Agent must be made in writing to the Chief Agent. Application to a sub-committee should be made in writing and submitted to the sub-committee chair. Members of the Federal Fund-raising Committee is

attached on Appendix 1.

From time to time, names may be added to or removed from the appendix by the Leader, or the Chair, on behalf of the Federal Fund-raising Committee or by consensus during a session of the Federal Fund-raising Committee. The authentic copy of appendix 1 will be in possession of the Chair. Any additions or deletions from the appendix must be submitted to the chair in writing.

A Leaderless Party

In the new year Wendy and Rolf Priesnitz abruptly resigned. At about this time Lucy Segatti also resigned. This left the Green Party of Canada without a Leader, a Membership Chair or a Policy Chair.Harry Garfinkle was appointed interim leader while federal fund-raising committee member, Jack Locke, accepted the position of interim membership chair.

Unfortunately, when the Green Party of Canada should have been preparing for the 1997 federal election we were thrust into the midst of a leadership convention.

In January, February , March and April 1997 I attempted to network with Greens in the lower mainland of B.C. and on Vancouver Island. For example, on January 16, 1997 I visited the Green Party office on Kingsway in Vancouver and on April 8, 1997 I discussed fund-raising strategy with Megan Curson in Cumberland, Vancouver Island.

In the winter of 1997, I attended a Vancouver Greens meeting. At this meeting I called for fund-raising committee to be created. Volunteers were called for, the Federal Fund-raising Regulations 1996 were distributed. and the committee was struck.

The Vancouver fund-raising committee was composed of Ruth MacLeod 410-3360 W Broadway Van., Jamie Lee Hamilton 573 E. Hastings Van., Steve Kisby 320 E. 37 Ave Van. and Stephen Samuel 1410 Parker Ave. Van

At this meeting each person assumed responsibility for a different duty. Samuel offered to acquire a mailing list from camdex, McLeod offered to draft the fund-raising letter after consensus was reached etc. I had persons sign documents that affirmed their intention.

Within months this group had broken up. Hamilton was soon not to be associated with the Greens. I was in contact with Samuels on occasion but he explained that he was simply too busy to contribute. Steve Kisby offered little help to the group as he was very busy with other Green Party activities. But Ruth MacLeod carried the ball and contributed greatly to building the Green Party of Canada. Thank you Ruth.

On many occasions I requested assistance from provincial units and requested access to fund-raising lists from the Korky Day (B.C. Green Party member), John Beverly (Federal Registered Agent), Wally du Temple (the Federal Chair) and Deborah Roberts ( the National Secretary). The purpose of these requests was to accumulate a fund- raising list to solicit money for the Green Party of Canada. I was filibustered. Usually politely sometimes very rudely.

At one point, in the spring of 1997, I receive a letter from Jack Locke (Green Party of Alberta Federal Fund-raising Committee Member) with a draft fund-raising letter. This was the first letter relating to fund- raising that I was to receive.

In March-April 1997 I was in communication with Wally du Temple (Federal Chair). He agreed to do the spring fund-raising mail out. The list that he used was supplied by Deborah Roberts.

In April 1997 I was in Victoria B.C. I visited the newly elected Green Party Leader, Joan Russow. I presented her with the federal fund- raising regulation (1996). I reaffirmed my determination to the global green movement and the Green Party of Canada. Our meeting was very friendly and amicable. I was looking forward to our building the Green Party together.

In the spring edition of Green Canada my name had been removed from the list of Officers of the National Executive. I immediately inquired with Ms. Roberts (National Secretary). Apparently Ms. Russow had written and distributed this edition. For some reason Russow erroneously assumed I did no longer want to be a member of the National Executive. To the best of my knowledge I never made any statements this kind. Certainly, even if an Officer resigned there should be a written resignation. Or at least a message on the Green Party listserve.

During the federal election of 1997 Ruth McLeod carried the ball and organized the fund-raising for the Green Party of Canada in British Columbia. Unfortunately, national fund-raising committee had not been established. Myself, I was working in a remote location and could contribute little to the election. When I did get time off from work, I did volunteer work in Vancouver for the Green party. For example, on May 30 1997 I attended a press conference where Stuart Parker (B.C. Greens leader) and Joan Russow (Green Party of Canada Leader) were speaking.

The Victoria A.G.M. August 30-September 1, 1997

On August 30 - September 1 1997 I attended the Green Party of B.C. A.G.M. in Victoria B.C. At this meeting I renewed my Green Party membership I became a member of the Green Party of BC. At this A.G.M. I attended a number of workshops including a fund-raising workshop.

S. Kisby (International Liaison), D. White(Green Party member and spouse of the Federal Leader), W. Du Temple (National Executive Chair), J. Crummey(Federal Fund-raising Chair) and one or two others were the only ones to attend the Green Party of BC fund-raising meeting.

At this meeting I was very surprised to learn that there were records of fund-raising procedure from the Green Party of Canada A.G.M. at Cold Lake Alberta. Why no one thought that I would want to see these documents or should see these documents is beyond me.

At the Victoria gathering I got Imtiaz Popit ( B.C. Federal Rep. and Federal Fund-raising Committee member), Wally Du Temple(National Executive Chair) Joan Russow (Federal Leader) and myself together for a short informal fund-raising meeting. No minutes were kept. At this meeting Imtiaz Popit (B.C. Federal Rep.) agreed to attempt a fund- raising effort for the Green party of Canada in the lower mainland of BC. It was my understanding that Russow, Du Temple, Popit and myself reached consensus on this issue.

I am not aware that this fund-raising effort for the Federal Greens ever occurred. Perhaps Popit did fund-raise for the provincial greens and perhaps Popit, in his own mind, believes that he has fulfilled the compact. However, I am not aware of any federal fund-raising activity that occurred. Nor did I receive copies of any fund-raising lists or Respectfully Submitted draft fund-raising letters.

I made some very good friends at the Victoria A.G.M. including Jack East And Donald Rennie. Very soon after the Victoria BC meeting I returned to Respectfully Submitted Newfoundland.

The Christmas 1997 Fund-raising Appeal

September through November saw my personal life greatly affected. Because of personal problems and commitments I asked the Green Party Leader, Joan Russow, if she would be willing to draft and distribute the Christmas Fund-raising appeal. I phoned her concerning this on October 9, 1997. In an attempt to help Russow in her fund- raising drive I submitted a fund-raising list to Russow via e-mail. This mailing list was the one that was accumulated by the fund-raising committee (principally H. Pinsent J. Crummey et. al.) for the previous Christmas mail out.

As previously mentioned, a researcher had been was hired in November/December 1996 to cull the names of 300 plus environmentally friendly individuals and companies. Unfortunately, this researcher included several names of large industrial companies. The act was overlooked by other Newfoundland Green volunteers and myself.

This list was submitted to Russow under the best of intentions. However, in the following months Russow used this list to attack me and other members of the fund-raising committee. Perhaps Russow was acting in good faith...perhaps not. However, Russow used this fund-raising list as a platform to attack myself and others.

I do not know if Russow used the list accumulated by the Newfoundland Greens for her mail out. I have never receive a copy of Russow's mail out list. Nor a copy of her fund-raising letter. This despite the fact that Russow was aware of the Federal Fund-raising Regulations.

September and December Teleconferences

On September 14, 1997 Terra Nova Green volunteers L. Heath, J. Whalen, SJ Blackmore, myself and others listened in on the teleconference call. Deborah Roberts had placed fund-raising on the agenda and proposed to strike a revamped fund-raising committee. Unfortunately, I did not receive a copy of the agenda and was unaware of this proposal. As I had receive no copy of the agenda I was surprised by the turn of events. At this teleconference there were a number of other issues on the agenda and little was accomplished in fund-raising.

In September October and November a number of events occurred that deeply affected my life. These included The death of my mother, my surgery, my father being admitted to hospital, my brother getting married etc. However, despite this I drafted the new fund-raising regulations - The 1997 Fund-raising Regulations-. These were submitted to Deborah Roberts and placed on the agenda for the December 1997 teleconference.

Because of my personal problems, I also made arrangements with Joan Russow to draft and distribute the Christmas fund-raising appeal.

Unknown to me or any other members of the Terra Nova Greens a power struggle was fermenting in The Green Party of Canada Shadow Cabinet. This power struggle had many causes but became symbolized what was called the "Tom Salzberg case". The power struggle should have been contained to Shadow Cabinet. However, it spilled over into the National Executive listserve and National Executive teleconferences'. At about this time(and partly in response to the power struggle) Wally du Temple resigned at the Chair of the National Executive.

Dr. Joan Russow had the issue of "The Tom Salzberg case" and other related issues dominate the December 14, 1997 teleconference. FUND- RAISING WAS A TOPIC THAT RECEIVE LESS THAT TWO MINUTES OF DISCUSSION AT THE DECEMBER 14, 1997 TELECONFERENCE.

Please find inserted two e mails concerning the December 14, 1997 teleconference. One is from Deborah Roberts (Administrative Chair/Acting Chair/ Executive Secretary). The other is from John Beverly(Registered Agent of the Green Party of Canada):

Date: Mon, 15 Dec 97 14:51:27 GMT
From: (Roberts, Deborah) Save Address Block Sender

Hello Everyone

What went wrong last night? I think what this council needs is a serious lesson in manners and decorum. Time limits are set on items for a reason. By disregarding the time limit on this item disrespect has been shown to those who set the time limit and those attempting to enforce it as well as to others who have items of importance on the agenda, and most especially to Tom and Joan who had been given directions to wait for a call at approximately 9:30 EST. A few people used last night's meeting as their own personal soap box and turned what should have been a productive meeting into a complete fiasco. Worst of all we wasted valuable time and very scarce money on this when we could have been discussing things that would have made a real difference to the party. The council's main job is the administration of the party and when personal agendas interfere with our ability to do this work then we need to rethink what we are doing.

I have also sent an apology to Dan and Dean from Sask. for putting them through that collective lunacy for no apparent reason.

I believe that several items further into the agenda did not receive to consideration they deserved and would like to suggest, with an apology to Jason Crummey and the others who worked on the fund-raising guidelines, that these items be thoroughly debated on the council listserve. I personally don't believe that an issue this important should be put off until the meeting in August. I will repost all of the items under fund-raising with the guidelines and ask that members of council read and give these items serious consideration in the period between now and the new year. After the new year I would like to see some serious debate on the topic of fund-raising. This party is nearly broke and we need to make a concerted effort to improve our financial situation.

In an earlier council meeting I was designated as one of the people responsible for drafting a set of procedures and protocals specifically designed for conference call meetings. I will be presenting the results of this work early in the new year. Among my recommendations will be a recommendation for strict adherence to preset time limits. I will also include a set of procedures for council e-mail debate which could be present to other GPC listserves.




Re: It Must Have Been the Full Moon!!!

What the hell was that last night?? I agree with the sentiments that both Deborah and Lobie have expressed here, and want to add a few of my own.

Off the top of my head, some suggestions for improvement:

1) There are too many people on these calls for issues to get properly discussed. The number of voices needs to be capped at some workable number. It was premature to have a rep from the new Saskatchewan group on the call. And one rep per province is enough. It may also be redundant to have a provincial rep on the call when some other functionary from the same province could fill that role.

2) Items on the agenda need to have adequate background information circulated ahead of time. The listserve and other means are available for this purpose. If the background info isn't previously available then let's cross the item off the agenda!

3) The meetings must be ruled with an iron fist! I don't in any way mean to knock the job of facilitating that Steve Kisby did last night. Steve did an admirable job, as he always does, under the circumstances. But, the facilitator should always be chosen ahead of time so they are adequately prepared, and the facilitator should have a role in shaping the agenda in the first place. We should also endeavor to train more members in facilitation skills.

4) Priorities must be set when establishing the agenda. Here's a wacky idea: important issues should get more time than unimportant issues. Fund-raising is an important issue for this party. Tom Salsberg is a much less important issue for this party.

I would also like to issue my periodic reminder about the cost of these conference calls. Our little chit chat last night cost the party $300-$400. That's a lot of money to a party that is not, as Deborah put it, "nearly broke", but, even worse, has been technically bankrupt for several years! I think we owe it to our donors to keep these calls concise and to the point.

By the way, can anyone explain what the outcome of that whole Salsberg discussion was? I have the feeling it wasn't what most of the group would have wanted to see. Something went quite wrong with our process there I think.

John Beverley

E Mail Conference concerning Fund-raising Regulations

On near or about December 15, 1998 Deborah Roberts (The Chair/Executive Secretary/Administrative Chair) agree and/or consented that that I could/should carry on fund-raising business by way of the internet.

In December January and February I: 1) Attempted to carry out an e- mail meeting. 2)Attempted to create a fund-raising sub-committee system in accordance with the Federal Fund-raising Regulation 1996 and 1997.

The e mail conference broke down. The e mail conference on fund- raising was convened in order to inexpensively and effectively deal with fund-raising concerns. Deborah Roberts(Acting National Executive Chair/Administrative Chair and National Secretary) consented to my calling the e mail meeting and getting the regulations passed.

Problems began when I believed that the council had reached consensus on accepting the 1997 Federal Fund-raising regulations. After I had believed this consensus to have been reached and had submitted my report to Deborah Roberts ( National Executive Chair/ Administrative Chair and National Secretary), The Party Leader, Russow, declared the procedure invalid. Soon the B.C. Representative had recanted his agreement. Finally, Deborah Roberts also withdrew her support. I was surprised by this because, in my opinion, Russow gave no indication of disagreeing with the regulations or the procedure.

Please find here an e mail response from Ms. Roberts regarding fund- raising:

Date: Fri, 26 Dec 97 16:01:04 GMT
From: (Roberts, Deborah) Save Address Block Sender

On 97-12-25 14:55hrs., in message <>, "jason kennedy-crummey" wrote:

Hi Jason

I thought that I had responded. Whoops. Put me down as agreeing. I'll check through the listserve messages for any changes to the original guidelines you sent before the meeting and post the adopted version with notes in the next few days. Thanks, it's really nice to see someone who likes to get things done and doesn't want to debate stuff from here to eternity. If some other comments come along, then I will answer them and add them as notes to the adopted policy. I noticed in my note to you that I said that we might not get consensus. What I meant to say was that we might not have quorum. From the list below, I would say that we definitely had quorum on this discussion.

Thanks again


PS Sorry, if I've been a little slow to respond. We celebrate Christmas as a family and I make many of my own gifts. This means that I've been very busy for the last while. I'll try to do better.

> jason crummey 52 portugal cove road st. john's newfoundland a1b 2l9
> To: The Green Party National Executive,
> Since December 16, 1997 until December 25, 1997 I have chaired an e-mail
> debate on the proposed Federal Fund-raising Regulations. In the last 9
> days, I have read and replied to approximable 30+ e-mails. I have
> communicated with: Constantine Kritansis, Dean Stinton-Gorman, Imtiaz
> Popitz, Joan Russow and Lobie Daughton, on the list serve. In addition,
> I communicated with Ernie Yacub, Frank De Jong, Hedley Pinsent and
> Deborah Roberts, off of the list serve.(My apologies to anyone who I may
> have omitted).
> After debating the new and revised Fund-raising Regulations, I called for
> consensus. Of the people who responded, Constantine, Imtiaz, Lobie, the
> Terra Nova Rep. and myself all endorsed the new regulations. Joan, Frank
> and Deborah did not respond to the call for consensus. As for Ernie, he
> did not vote either way. Instead he expressed the opinion that debate on
> this matter should continue for an indefinite period.
> As Chair of the Federal Fund-raising Committee and by those powers vested
> in me as an Officer of the Green Party of Canada, I declare that I
> believe consensus has been reached on the issue of accepting the new and
> revised Federal Fund-raising Regulations.
> Furthermore, I declare that this debate on Fund-raising Regulations is closed.
> I now turn the issue over to Ms. Deborah Roberts, the Executive
> Secretary of the Green Party of Canada.
> Respectfully Submitted, J. Crummey

Russow put forward general arguments on fund-raising policy but dealt little with the regulations. Russow would refuse to acknowledge or answer messages. She made e mail administration a difficult job. John Beverly referred to Russow's broad sweeping statements on fundraising as "Sloppy Fanaticism".

The Federal Fund-raising Committee's system of Sub Committees

My second act was to attempt to create a fundraising sub-committtee system in accordance with the federal fundraising regulation 1996 and 1997. Find attached an e mail from me announcing the sub-committee nominations:



As the Fund-raising Regulations (1996) had been passed by Council it was my opinion that the Federal fund-raising committee and sub committee systems were an internal matter of the committee.

After much e mail communication Federal Fund-raising Committee had declared Core Fund-raising: Acclaimed- J. Crummey.

Homemade Fund-raising Acclaimed- H. Pinsent
F.C.C.- K. Kritsonis
By Election Fundraising: VACANT.

The by election fundraising was uncontested. In fact it remains vacant to this day.

The Core Funding Committee I, Jason Crummey, was the only person interested in this position and sat on the committee alone. It is my opinion that the Green Party of Canada should consider purchasing a fundraising list or hire a professional fundraising firm. The Homepage Fund-raising Committee

Hedley Pinsent sat alone on this committee. As the Federal Fund- raising Chair Pinsent developed the Terra Nova Greens Homemade and developed the Federal Fund-raising Pages on the Green Party of Canada Homepage. It was Pinsent's idea to have a fundraising link on every page of the Terra Novas Greens homepage. Pinsent would like to see this done on the Green Party of Canada homemade. Pinsent would also like to see interactive computer programmes installed on the Green Party of Canada homemade. These interactive programmes could be used to identify Green Party volunteers and contributes.

The Fund-raising Criteria Committee

In due time du Temple Shadrack and Kritsonis had to leave the criteria committee. Also, Popit ceased to be involved. However, no message of resignation was received from him.

Unfortunatly, no report was submitted by the F.C.C. Chair after his resignation. However, special mention must be made of Andy Shamrock. Shamrock and the Kooteney Greens sent a well thought out and well written argument against soliciting donations from corporations.

Filibustering intimidation and abuse on the listserve.

It was at about mid-January 1997 that general communication with Russow ceased. However, David White had come on board the committee. David White is the Leaders spouse. Many of us were trying to build the Green Party. I do not know what it is White wanted. I am for free speech and due process. However, a pattern of filibustering and of rude and intimidating messages became White's hallmark. These were not private messages. Instead these related directly to fund-raising and were classified as fund-raising communication. Below are two e-mail messages that involve Mr. White:

From: (David White) Save Address Block Sender
Subject: Jason's Processes

Hi Jason,

Just a quick note regarding "process". You wrote:


Actually, it was over a day. This issue was urgent as you set the deadline of January 6th and there was only one day left. I considered initially to send the original letter directly to the Board, but then decided to give you a chance to respond privately before the deadline passed. You didn't.


I not sure at all what you mean. If you are suggesting that I run for Fund-raising Chair at the next AGM, you've missed the point. I'm not interested, except to help with the important work. Just because I have expressed some concerns doesn't mean I'm running for your job. (Chill out, man)


My understanding is that there are several people who have proposed themselves for the chair of the Criteria Committee. Has someone been selected? If so, perhaps you could advise me (and others who may be interested) who that person is, and what process was undertaken to select that person from the other candidates.

Yours sincerely,

David White

>To: "jason kennedy-crummey"
>From: (David White)
>Subject: fund-raising
>What have you done in the past year on fund-raising? What was your
>gameplan? How did it pan out? I'm bitter too - you got a key position and
>you seem to have sat on your arse and occasionally raised your voice about
>me or some other afront. I was genuinely willing to work with you, but all
>I saw was someone who shouted banalities. Do you agree that you are
>useless? I'm pissed off, Jason. Forget my agenda, what's yours?


On June 1, 1998. I drafted and mailed two grievance to the Grievance Committee. I sent these grievences to Deborah Roberts (Administrative Chair/ National Chair/ National Secretary).

The first grievance was against Joan Russow(Party Leader). The Second grievance was against Steve Kisby (acting Chief Agent). The substance of both grievences is the same. These grievences were submitted in a final attempt to get Federal Fundraising Members to work within the frame work of the Federal Fund-raising Regulations 1996.

These grievance were not submitted out of malice. These grievance were submitted in an attempt to get the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and the Registered Agent of the Green Party of Canada to share with the Federal Fundraising Chair such fundraising lists and draft documents relating to fund-raising as they had in their possession.

In submitting these grievences I am attempting to pave the way for future federal fundraising chairs to better and more effectively fulfill their duties and to build the Green Party of Canada. To date, I have not received acknowledgment of the Grievences.

My Recommendations as Core Fundraising Chair and as Federal Fundraising Chair

It is my opinion that the Green Party of Canada should consider purchasing a fund-raising list or hire a professional fund-raising firm. With regard to the debate over the companies and individuals who should be allowed to contribute funds to the Green Party of Canada, it is my opinion that the simplest method for the Green Party Federal Fund-raising Committee to take would.,d be to put a cap on the maximum amount of money that any individual or corporation could donate. For example, a ceiling of $2000 from any individual or company would ensure that no individual or company could "buy" the Green Party of Canada.

The Final Word on fund-raising.

Please find below the final email communications regarding fund-raising


Date: Sun, 09 Aug 1998 20:41:59 -0700
To: David White , Jason Kennedy-Crummey
From: Steve Kisby Save Address Block Sender
Subject: re:fundraising:Attn: Dave
Cc:, Deborah Roberts , John Beverley , Stuart Parker

>WHITE: As for a report on my fund-raising, I understand that the only
>fundraiser which went out this year was before Xmas, when in
>desperation, Joan and I researched the names of all doctors, lawyers
>and architects in the country and sent them individual letters
>asking for support. There was no "List" - names were taken directly
>from phone books and the net, and only one copy was made, which went
>out on the envelopes.
>Joan has endeavoured to find out what sort of response we got from
>the fundraiser, but she has not received any definite sum or the
>names which responded. This is crucial information, and I am
>frustrated that there has been no response to Joan's inquiry...
>Perhaps now that Steve is working on finances, we will find out if it
>was successful or not.

1) With respect to the above, this information could be figured out by hand by examining the letters or forms, if any, that accompanied each and every contribution received at the party's address at Box 397, London, Ontario. However, that accompanying documentation, if it has been retained, would be in London as part of the Hub records there.

As all of the amounts contributed to the party, and who made each contribution, that has been received at the Box 397, London, address has been entered into the GPC's database as part of the annual audit, if you were to provide a computer list of all the names and addresses mailed to I could produce a report of the total amount contributed by the people who appear on that list for calendar year 1997. (1998 contributions have not been entered into the computer yet.) With no way of determining which persons in the GPC database you mailed to, there is no way for me to produce the information requested.

2) With regards to the other matters in this discourse, I'm confused. Jason, your request(s) to David White, are they in David's capacity as a "F.C.C. committee member" or in his capacity as chair of the B.C. Greens (who in federal matters go by the name "Green Party of Canada in B.C."


just as the "Terra Nova Greens" have difference names for different situations, all of which are for the same organization)?

Jason, if your request(s) to David White are in his capacity as a functionary in the B.C. Greens, then you are in effect asking a provincial unit of the party, which also operates as a provincial political party under the name "Green Party of B.C.", for their list of contributors.

Your responsibilities with the GPC lie with the party's hub. Article 15 of the GPC's constitution allows a provincial unit to operate financially autonomously from the GPC's hub, and the B.C. Greens are within their rights to refuse your request.

David, are you speaking as chair of the B.C. Greens or as a member of Jason's federal fund-raising committee? Because if you are contemplating giving the "Green Party of Canada in B.C." list to a representative of the GPC's hub as Jason has seemingly requested, you best make sure that is OK with the B.C. Greens' first.

- Steve Kisby


Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 23:33:31 -0700 (PDT)
To: Steve Kisby
From: (David White) Save Address Block Sender
Subject: re:fundraising:Attn: Dave
Cc:, Deborah Roberts ,John Beverley ,Stuart Parker

Well, Joan reminded me that we also mounted an extensive email fundraiser during the midst of the postal strike. We apologized to people for spamming and sent out an appeal *very* pretty well all our lists.

It might be difficult to determine how successful this was. Anyway, we only got away with it because of the postal strike; I wouldn't dare do it again.

Yeah, I wondered why Jason was getting on my particular case over the list, but then again, I think that we have to work cooperatively on fund-raising. The provincial and federal wings need to combine their strategies to ensure that they are not sending appeals at the same time. I don't think it looks particularly good if two appeals arrive from different wings in the same week.

Finally, I guess that I don't understand why Jason doesn't have the list of BC members and their addresses. If he doesn't have them, he ought to. But the federal party should have the list of all members. I just don't follow this one, and if he doesn't have the list, then why am I to blame.



In closing I would like to thank: Hedley Pinsent, Wendy Priesnitz, SJ Blackmore, Nicki Vinnicomb, Frank de Jong, Rolf Priesnitz, Constantine Kritsonis, Wally du Temple, Andy Shadrack, Deborah Roberts, Jack Locke, Raphael Thierren, Megan Curson, Aaron Rainbow, Harry Garfinkle, Dean Stinton-Gorman, Stuart Parker, David Pinsent, Ashley MacIsaac, Ruth McLeod and others.

I hope that we are all able to work together to build the Green Party of Canada. Respectfully Submitted Jason Crummey, Federal Fund- raising Chair August 1996 to August 1998