Respect for diversity

Respect for diversity

We honour and value equally the Earth's biological and ecological diversity together with the cultural, linguistic, ethnic, sexual, religious and spiritual diversity within the context of individual responsibility toward all beings.

We advocate for the right of every person, without discrimination, to an environment conducive to their dignity, physical health, and spiritual well-being.

We promote the building of respectful, positive and responsible relationships across lines of division in the spirit of a multicultural society.

This requires:

  • recognition that the Earth, through the resources it provides, is the primary source of cultural and spiritual diversity
  • recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples to the basic means of their survival, both economic and cultural, including rights to land and to self determination; and acknowledgment of their contribution to the common heritage of national and global culture
  • recognition of the rights of ethnic minorities to develop their culture, religion and language without discrimination, and to full legal, social and cultural participation in the democratic process
  • recognition of and respect for sexual minorities
  • equality between people of all genders in all spheres of social, economic, political and cultural life
  • significant involvement of youth culture as a valuable contribution to our Green vision, and recognition that young people have distinct needs and modes of expression