Tips to influence your MP

Your elected representative wants (or should want to!) know what is on your mind. It is a great way to ensure that when the time comes, the House of Commons votes for proper, proportional electoral reform. By talking to your MP about this vital issue, you show them that Canadians are paying attention. Find your MP here.

You can write letter or make a phone call, but going to their office will make the biggest impact. The representative will realize that you’re visiting their office on behalf of many other people.

Check in with the GPC’s PR campaign team at before your meeting. We can support you with information and speaking points to ensure your meeting is a success!

Don't let assumptions about your MP based on party affiliation stop you from approaching them. You may find support for PR where opposition is typical, or opposition where one expects support.

Meeting tips:

  • Call the constituency office of your MP and ask to schedule a  meeting. Explain what you want to speak about and expect to be scheduled for about a half hour.

  • Take someone with you (one of you can take notes, the other can speak).

  • Strategize beforehand to make sure you cover your important points within the time allotted.

  • Near the end of your meeting time, ask your MP to sign the PR Petition and ask for their commitment to support legislation for proportional representation.

  • Have the following information on hand: number of signatures on the PR petition you have gathered in your community, number of GPC members (nationally and locally). Contact if you aren’t sure or you need any information or help.

  • Report back to your team and to after the meeting. We are keeping track of the positions of each MP across Canada.

  • Be unfailingly polite.

  • Don’t be nervous. Remember, your MP works for you.