Freedom and Civil Liberties

Freedom and Civil Liberties

Harper’s “anti-terror” bill threatens legitimate political speech without enhancing public safety, and is likely unconstitutional.

The Green Party is committed to defending your civil liberties. We were the first party to raise the alarm on Bill C-51, and will continue to fight to repeal this dangerous legislation.

Bill C-51 – By the Numbers

  • 15 – existing laws will be altered
  • 0 – new powers will be given to those responsible for keeping tabs on Canadian spies
  • 4 – former Prime Ministers oppose C-51
  • 6 – former Supreme Court Justices oppose C-51
  • 1st – Elizabeth May was the first MP to oppose Bill C-51, speaking out over two weeks before any other MPs
  • 0 – the number of minutes given to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada to provide expert testimony on C-51
  • +200,000 - Canadians have signed petitions against C-51
  • Over 55% – more than half of Canadians say they oppose Bill C-51

The threat of terrorism is serious. But we believe our society and our existing laws are strong enough to confront this threat – there is no reason to compromise our values.

Green MPs Will

  • Advocate that terrorism be fought with the traditional tools of criminal investigation and prosecution  
  • Provide CSIS, RCMP, and the Canada Border Services Agency with sufficient resources to conduct effective anti-terror operations, while maintaining rigorous civilian oversight, and a logical division of responsibilities  
  • Pass legislation that establishes an independent body to investigate complaints regarding the conduct of RCMP officers, with full judicial inquiry powers and the requirement to report its findings publicly