The Greenest Earth Day ever!

#EarthDayChallenge #GreenWedding

Elizabeth May is getting married! And the wedding is going to be on Earth Day!

In honour of Elizabeth and John, we are launching a special Earth Day Challenge for anyone and everyone who wants to join in celebrating this momentous occasion.

The idea is to get as many Greens as possible to complete this 10-point list and make this Earth Day the best, greenest Earth Day ever!

The Challenge

Send a note

wishing Elizabeth and John much happiness. We will compile the messages and present them as a wedding gift from Greens across Canada.

Invite a friend to join the Green Party

and make it a real party! Bring a “plus one” for the celebration by recruiting a new member.

Make a donation

Elizabeth and John have a message of love and hope. Only Greens are honest about the climate emergency, while inspiring Canadians to join our Mission Possible to protect Canada and our world. Even a single dollar helps!

Sign up to call voters in the by-election

Paul Manly has a great chance of becoming Canada’s next Green MP. Join Greens from all over Canada calling in to his riding! Better yet, head to Nanaimo-Ladysmith and help knock on doors!

Volunteer with your EDA

Campaigns across the country are gearing up for the election. Join fellow Greens and have fun making history!

Clean up your community

Get in on the viral #TrashTag craze by picking up some trash in your neighbourhood!

Promote pollinators

Plant a flower garden - we’ll send you the seeds!

Request a Lawn Sign

This fall Elizabeth wants us to paint Canada Green. Make sure we have your address to deliver a lawn sign!

Share the good news

The media are abuzz with talk of the Green Wave and the election successes we’re earning across the country. Share these stories on Facebook and Twitter and help spread the word!

Pledge to Vote Green

Make sure Elizabeth knows where your heart is. Pledge to vote Green and help give our story – and our planet – a happily ever after.

This is going to be big. Can you complete the challenge by doing all 10 items?

As you complete the list let your friends and family know by using #EarthDayChallenge on social media. And don’t forget to use #GreenWedding when you post about the wedding. And feel free to use both at the same time!