Fixing Canada’s Democracy

What would our government look like if every vote were counted equally?

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Why we need proportional representation now

  • Because under our current voting system, a party that receives less than 50 percent of the votes can hold 100 percent of the power in parliament.
  • Because votes in "swing ridings" are more valuable than votes in "safe ridings". In the 2015 election, it took nearly 38,000 to elect a Liberal MP, but 602,8000 to elect a Green MP.
  • Because our winner-take-all voting system, the majority of votes are ignored. In 2011, Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won a majority with only 39 percent of the vote.
  • Because, voter apathy is increasing in Canada. In countries with proportional representation typically have higher voter turnout.
  • Because countries with proportional voting systems have a higher number of legislators who are female and who represent visible minorities.

Demand a fair democracy now

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