Federal Council Elections Ballot Instructions

Federal Council is elected using a preferential ballot. For each position, you cast your vote by ranking numerically each name on the ballot, including none of the above. Use sequential numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, up to the number of choices for each position). Write a 1 to indicate your first choice (the name of the candidate you most want to win), 2 for your second choice, and so on. “None of the above” is treated like any other name on the ballot, so you can give it any number you like. No two names within the same position can be ranked the same number. You do not have to rank all options, but you must rank them sequentially.

You can rank all candidates, or some candidates, or even just one candidate for any given position. If you only rank one candidate (i.e. write 1 for your favorite and that’s all) and that candidate is eliminated, then your ballot will no longer influence the outcome of that particular run-off.

For the Provincial Representative positions, vote only for the province in which you reside. Your province or territory may not be having an election this year.