Lorraine Rekmans

Federal Council - Ontario

(613) 796-2209

I have been a member of the GPC since 2008 and serve as the Indigenous Affairs Critic for GPC, a position I have held since 2008.

In 2011 I was Acting At Large Federal Councillor until the position was ended by resolution. I have been a Federal GPC candidate in five federal elections.

Currently I am a member of the Board of Directors for Forest Stewardship Council of Canada and serve on numerous committees, including Chair of the Aboriginal Chamber.

I have decades of experience as a Board Member and in governance.

I am a band member of the Serpent River First Nation and I am a treaty beneficiary.

I am committed to working with others towards consensus building, and transparency in decision making to grow the Green Party of Canada.

I believe the Green Party of Canada must strive with dignity, integrity and transparency to be a governing national political party that is vibrant and diverse, representing the interests of grass roots democracy and acknowledging the people and ecosystems of Canada with the respect and equity they deserve in order to provide a healthy and sustainable future for the next generations of Canadians.


Georgena MacDonald, Mary Slade, Max Kennedy, Michael Pilling, Heather Kinsley, Colin Creasey