2020 Federal Council Elections

The results are in!


Please welcome your new Federal Council members:

VP English: John Kidder

Fund Representative: Kate Storey

British Columbia Representative: Bob MacKie

Saskatchewan Representative: Richard Jack

Ontario Representative: Adrian Currie

Quebec Representative*: Samuel Moisan-Domm

Nova Scotia Representative: Lia Renaud

Prince Edward Island Representative: Lobie Daughton

Newfoundland & Labrador Representative*: Lucas Knill

Territories Representative*: Lorraine Hewlett

Youth Representative: Liana Canton Cusmano

Youth Representative: Kiara Nazon


*One year terms. These positions will next be up for election in 2021.

Voting Report

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Federal Council

Federal Council is the governing body of the Green Party of Canada. There are 18 voting members consisting of 11 Provincial or Territorial Representatives, 1 President, 2 Vice Presidents, 1 Fund Representative, 2 Youth Representatives, and the Leader. Each Councillor is elected for two years. Half of the positions are elected in odd numbered years, while the other half are elected in even numbered years.

Federal Council governs the Green Party of Canada on behalf of members like you. It is essentially the board of the directors for the Party, determining planning, vision and budget.

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elections@greenparty.ca or 1-866-868-3447