2020-2021 Policy Development Process

We have now entered the amendments stage of this year’s policy development process!


Over the past months, proposal submitters have worked with members of the Policy Development and Process Committee to edit and refine their policy, amendment, and directive ideas. You are now invited to review their work via the 2020-2021 Proposals Index (log-in to your GPC web account required).

You can share feedback and suggest amendments to this year’s proposals via Google Docs comments. You’re also welcome to join the conversation on Volunteer Slack in the #policy--politiques channel! View the draft proposals >>


For information on the complete proposal process, read these supporting documents:

  1. GPC Policy Process 
  2. Submission Rules and Drafting Standards. 

There are three types of proposals accepted through the GPC Policy Process.

Policy Proposals: reading the overview will help you draft appropriate proposals that will move through the policy process smoothly.
Constitutional Proposals: If you are planning to work on a constitutional motion, you should use the current constitution as your reference.
Directives: Proposals that do not seek to edit the GPC policy book or the Constitution & Bylaws of the Party.

You can use the discussion threads created in Volunteer Slack to collaborate on wordings for proposals.

Need access to Slack? Email support@greenparty.ca

Over the summer, our policy team, made up of Shadow Cabinet and staff, have been going through the work of consolidating the Member Approved Policy book. This is crucial work, first identified by Federal Council in 2018 and more recently advanced at the request of our Green Caucus. It is now ready for your review here >>