Federal Council Elections 2016 - Submit

Please make sure to submit your nomination form before the close of nominations on April 15, 2016 at midnight (Pacific Time).


We respect your privacy. Information that you provide in the "Screening" section will not be stored in our database, and will only be handled by authorized election officials.

Personal Information
1. Experience on a governing council/board (as opposed to a ‘working board’)
2. Experience with the federal green party at the EDA level, either on the Executive or a committee
3. Experience with the federal green party as either a Federal Councilor or a committee reporting to Federal Council
4. Other experience with the federal green party (e.g. staff, candidate, campaign manager)
5. Experience with a provincial green party, either in governance or other roles
6. Positions held with other political parties, either federally, provincially or municipally
7. Positions held with other non-profit or corporate governance bodies
8. Post-secondary professional qualifications (e.g. law, finance, communications, fundraising)
9. Positions held in the Labour movement
10. Long standing commitment to community service (e.g. sports, arts, poverty groups)
11. Participation in international organizations
12. Length of time as member in good standing with the Green Party of Canada
13. Bilingual/multilingual
Greens value diversity and in order to support the achievement of a gender balance and an adequate representation of minority, linguistic, ethnic and Indigenous communities on Federal Council,  in order to assist the members in assessing your application, you may voluntarily self-identify with respect to any of the categories set out below:
14. Member of a visible minority
15. Person with disability
16. Indigenous person
17. Linguistic community member
18. Ethnic community member
19. Gender
20. Age Group (e.g. youth, senior)
Contestant Profile
The information in this section will be made available on our website to advertise your candidacy to our membership. It will be publicly accessible on the internet for the duration of the election.
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