President's Welcome

The carousel of the election cycle, to which we are inevitably bound, brings us here to Ottawa. Our next bi-annual meeting will be under the pending tension of the next election. This weekend will be more relaxed, a time to reflect, and re-set our course in the wake of the 2015 Election. Let's take this time to get to know each other, share ideas, and re-commit to taking our party to new heights. Welcome to all of your who could make it, and to the many who wished to be here but could not, be assured that you are missed, and not forgotten.

After a tumultuous campaign and disappointing result, we gather to renew our resolve. Though not without many positive outcomes, the election resulted in a Parliament desperately missing the strong cadre of Green Party MPs that it needs.

Electing more Greens is crucial. It is what are working towards. It is how we can rescue our democracy and give Canadians a government that works for them, for social justice, and the ecological diversity which is our common heritage.

But sometimes, the What and the How seem to dominate our agenda to such a degree that we lose sight of our Why. Why do we work so hard? Why are we so passionate?

For me it is a vision of a Canada that works for all Canadians. The Global Green Values resonate strongly with my own, and I am heartened that we are part of a global community dedicated to building a better future for everyone. 

We are the only party that has not sold out to backroom strategists. We are the most progressive party and the most democratic. We champion the bold policies that can build a better, more sustainable future for everyone, not only during election campaigns but in between elections as we continue to build a community of engaged citizens. Our values do resonate strongly with Canadians and there is no question that our presence is having a significant impact in the Canadian political scene. A better world is ours for the shaping, and we are called to work for this greater good. We must not rest in the face of the challenge.

Why are YOU a committed Green? Take time over this weekend to reflect and share about how you feel. Let this be a celebration of our community, united in our Green Values, for a Canada that works. Together.

Have a great convention.

Ken Melamed

President, Federal Council