Nathe Perrone

Young Greens Quebec
(514) 589-5670

I am passionate about progressive societal change, community work and those who undertake it. Our society has so much potential and this is the time we activate that potential. With relation to social projects, it is our duty to advocate for marginalized communities to achieve true equality.

Being a trans person myself, I understand the issues of the LGBTQ2S+ community and their daily struggle. With the French language being so gendered, we are fighting on two fronts, it is a difficult fight, but it is possible. This is one of the reasons why we need Green MPs in the province.

I am the Chair of the Animal Rights Committee of the Quebec wing of the GPC. I work laterally with all members to ensure equality and equity. We have done great work and have recruited members from all over the province. Our greatest strength is that the committee is made up of a diverse membership.

I am also passionate about the province of Quebec and its culture. To get MPs in Quebec, you need someone who understands its history and thought processes. Quebec is a nation, and we must act as such. Defending the French language is just scratching the surface of our struggle. The Green Party of Canada has a lot of potential in Quebec, which means that we must work hard, hand in hand, to develop ambitious electoral strategies, with the goal of winning seats.


Clement Badra, Vincent Carbonneau, Casandra Poitras, Laeticia Hill, Damian Kube