Gabriel Blanc

Young Greens Ontario

As Volunteer Coordinator and Youth Representative for the Toronto-St. Paul’s EDA, I have spent the last few months working to make the Green Party of Canada a comfortable and engaging place for young people.

Recent news about internal party tension has reinforced my desire to make youth more central to this party -- young people don’t have time to waste on internal discord. Our commitment to climate action comes from the knowledge that we will have to pay for apathy in our lifetimes. The future of the GPC is as an unabashedly progressive party focused on climate. I believe that we as Young Greens need to assert ourselves within the party to remind people of that.

Here are some of the ways I hope to achieve this as a representative for Ontario on the YGC Council:
- I am currently leading a team of Young Greens dedicated to creating and distributing social media content to several EDAs across the GTA. Formalizing this initiative under the YGC Council will boost the Young Greens’ social media presence and validate the hard work Young Greens have already been doing on social media.
- By increasing the size of the council, we could offer more opportunities for young people to become engaged, while increasing the capacity of the council. While some council seats remain vacant, provinces with many engaged Young Greens like Ontario and BC are only sending one representative.

Thank you for your support, I hope to represent you on the YGC Council.


Katarina Savic, Hannah Conover-Arthurs, Gabriel Trozzi Stamou, Spencer Lambert, Joseph Blanc