Make Big Oil Pay: Support the Windfall Tax

Not long ago, Green MP Mike Morrice ignited a nationwide conversation by introducing Motion M-92. Mike knew that oil and gas companies were reaping record profits. He thought they should be contributing their fair share.

The Parliamentary Budget Office evaluated Mike’s motion. They found that a windfall tax on big oil could bring in BILLIONS. That money could help Canadians with the cost of living and fund critical environmental projects. These findings rallied big names in the fight for a livable future. They came together and demanded that the government make polluters pay.

Now, it’s our turn.

With your help, we can push the government for a windfall tax on oil and gas companies' excess profits. This is not just about asking for fairness. It's about demanding action. Action that will support our communities and our help planet.

Your voice is critical. Send a message to your MP today.

How to Take Action

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