Kings—Hants Nomination Meeting

Event Date

Sunday, June 02, 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00 ADT

Event Description

When: Sunday June 2nd, 2019 from 2:00-4:00pm
Where: L'Arche Community Hall, Wolfville (map)

Your nominees (nominations close on May 17th): 

Brogan Anderson

Brogan Anderson has called the Annapolis Valley home for the past 18 years. Brogan has been active in the community with the local chapter of the Sierra Club and the Council of Canadians. She works at the Annapolis Valley regional library, where you may have seen her in the last decade and a half either reading stories to children or matching a reader with a book. She and her partner Peter Gillis have two children, Zoë and Sacha. Fluently bilingual in English and French, Brogan was born and grew up near Quebec City and straddles her two linguistic identities. Brogan is passionate about a variety of environmental and social issues, from preventing and mitigating climate change to electoral reform to how to welcome immigrants and refugees in the hope of living in a more peaceful, more just world. Brogan is eager to present herself as candidate for the Greens in the upcoming election because she believes that the single largest infrastructure project in the history of Canada must be the transition from a petroleum-based to a Green-based economy. This involves changing our transportation infrastructures and public transit systems to serve the purposes of sustainability—not electric cars but mass transit. We can and must reinvigorate local employment by reclaiming our economy to support local needs. Federal funds and tax breaks have a role to play in facilitating infrastructure for everything from recycling our own plastics here in the province to helping re-establish local food distribution networks to get local food to local markets. Brogan is keen to build on the history of social activism in this province and believes that the solutions to large scale environmental concerns are actually to the benefit of all. Our resilient communities, our small-scale businesses, our interdependence and reliance on each other, are what will see us through. Our government must have a vision, and from that vision will derive policies that lead to a non-fossil-fuel future, the only future we can hope for. The Green Party of Canada is pleased to have Brogan Anderson as a candidate in the riding of Kings-Hants.

Simon Greenough

Whether it be pouring your drinks, giving you gardening advice, or making your home more energy-efficient, Simon Greenough has spent his entire adult life serving Kings-Hants. His background in environmental science and an understanding of the barriers facing small businesses motivated him to seek the Green Party nomination here in his home riding.
Simon grew up on his family's dairy farm in East Hants, and was an active member of the Nova Scotia 4-H program for many years. He has represented Nova Scotia at the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture competition three times, as well as at the first ever Youth Agriculture Summit in 2013.
Simon is a recent graduate of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Biology. Simon understands the barriers and financial challenges facing students and recent graduates and wants to work to make postsecondary education more affordable. He supports science-based decision making as well as efforts to slow and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.Simon is a bartender, a standup comedian, and - according to his grandmother - a very handsome young man. He spends his free time writing and performing comedy, skiing, playing disc golf and watching sports.

Barbra Lake

Barbara Lake lives in Kings County, Nova Scotia with her youngest daughter, Chelsea, a business student at Acadia University, Barbara's own alma mater, having graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1989. Barbara has lived in N.S. her entire life. She has worked as a Real Estate Appraiser, a Residential Tax Assessor for the Province and has owned and operated several Seamstress/Tailoring shops over the past 30 years. She loves the countryside, the ocean shorelines and beaches, the wildlife, the culture, our heritage and the rich farming community of the Annapolis Valley. Having lived in an agricultural community her entire life, she has developed a great love and pride for the beauty of the natural environment we are surrounded by. Her values are Green values to the core.
Barbara started out in politics when she first worked as a volunteer for the Green Party in the 2004 Federal election. Barbara believes it is an honour and a privilege to speak with Nova Scotians to share their concerns, listen to their stories and to get to know personally who they are. In 2009, Barbara ran as a Green Party candidate in the County of Argyle. She felt invigorated by the experience, successfully capturing 11% of the vote. Again, in 2013, Barbara represented the Greens in Kings West. She was nominated on the last day and realized that most of the voting had taken place due to early polls but she felt it was important that the Greens have representation in that Riding. She captured 157 votes which might not seem like very many but she was complimented that she definitely had a following. When compared with all the Green candidates throughout the province, the highest was 369, the lowest 89. She feels these experiences have provided her with the skills and confidence to do her best work yet.
Barbara has a personal interest in wireless technologies, having been disabled after a cellular communication tower was placed behind her home in 2001, forcing her family to abandon their home a few years later, never to return as her entire family were suffering from EHS symptoms, Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity. She has studied the science that is warning policy and law makers and citizens all over the world to use the Precautionary Approach, especially regarding the exposures to children when setting limits of radiation exposure. She sat on a committee that drafted a policy bylaw for the siting of telecommunication towers for the County of Kings and has petitioned against some tower installations, concerned that setbacks are inadequate. People have confided to her that living and/or working too close to installations has caused illness to them and their children and surrounding neighbours. She has supported people at public meetings who are in opposition to the siting of towers. She has protested the installation of wireless internet in schools because of the potential risk to young developing minds. Thousands of scientists are warning that these technologies are harmful to all life on the planet.
Barbara is currently completing her studies as an EMR/EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation/Frequency) Consultant. She will be able to assist people to determine what their exposures are and if too high, how to remediate them. She looks forward to helping as many people as possible as she is a strong humanitarian driven to do the right thing.