Green Spring: Planting Seeds for 2019

Event Date

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 18:30 EST

Event Description

(6:30pm Eastern) Green Spring: Planting Seeds for 2019: Community building happens one relationship at a time. And we all know that face to face is best. Many of you have been learning alot about organizing in recent months. For many, it’s been welcome news that organizing social team-building events is important - not everything needs to be political or about fundraising, etc. It’s so important that we get into the habit of simply bringing people together.

So, let’s come together and start to visualize and map out a plan to generate Green events across the country in the new year. Anything from a coffee talk with five people in a coffee shop to a 100 person feast at a local community hall to a speaker series or gala. You pick the size, the theme or issue and type of event. One thing is for sure: we need to come together. What does that look like for you? And how can we help?


NOTE: These webinars are limited to party members and volunteers, and registrations will be checked accordingly.