Clément Badra

Federal Council - Vice President - French

I have been involved with the Green Party for almost 4 years in various volunteer roles. I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of my EDA, and the representative of the Young Greens in Quebec. My 3 years of experience on the youth council have allowed me to be aware of and understand the challenges that the party faces with relation to its internal functioning. I am also involved in my community through a citizen's organization that preserves and manages a green space that is a gem of biodiversity in the city, as well as on a committee within the project Montreal party advocating for the importance of universal accessibility and the fight against ableism, being in a wheelchair myself.

I was also a candidate in my riding in 2019, achieving the highest score of any green candidate in the history of the riding. In my professional life I had the opportunity to work in the office of one of our MPs for a year, which allowed me to get a handle on federal policy issues and how policy work inside the chamber plays out in practice for the general public and the media. I am currently working on public consultation projects related to urban adaptation to climate change, which have led me to interact with a wide variety of people, so I am used to adapting to a diverse audience. I am applying for the position because I believe I have the skills to help create a cohesive group within the council that will align the efforts of all; volunteers, governing bodies, staff, the leader's office, and member's offices to create the change we all desire.