Nancy Zimmerman


Born and raised in the Northwest Territories, and with 15 years of her adult career spent there, Nancy has a deep familiarity with the North. Much of her career has been in highly politicized positions (Special Assistant to the Minister of Health and Social Services, Manager of Communications for the Gov. NWT Dep't of Infrastructure). This provided a unique and broad perspective on northern issues.

For five years while living in Vancouver, Nancy served on the Administration & Finance governing Committee for the (Anglican) Diocese of New Westminster) and also served on the Finance Committee governing the finances and investments of the Parish of St. James' Church. The former involved overseeing (as part of the Committee) all Church real estate, an operating budget of well over $1M and an investment portfolio of several Million. In Yellowknife, Nancy served for three years on the Board of "Smart Communities" (a non-profit advancing internet connectivity throughout the NWT). For the past two years, Nancy has served as a member of the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada. In 2015 she was part of the campaign team that helped elect an MLA renowned for his environmentalism and is currently an ad-hoc member of the ad-hoc group supporting the selection and campaign of the NWT Candidate representing the Green Party of Canada in the upcoming 2019 election.