Jean Cloutier

Candidate Biography

To determine the Party’s strategic directions and establish budget priorities as a team. An active member since 2006, I’m the only member from Quebec who has held the following roles: participant in the last three Global Greens congresses, organizer of the FPVA world congress in Canada (Federal Council-Quebec 2008), leader of the Green Party of Quebec, cofounder and first chair of the Quebec Wing of the Green Party of Canada (AQPVC), AQPVC spokesperson, chief executive officer of ACE LouisHébert, and delegate at the Vancouver congress, where I was announced as a candidate in the elections and where I was invited to the Federal Council.

I’m used to playing a key role in the Party’s governance; I attended a meeting of the international committee ten years ago as an influential delegate and as FPVA cochair, I submitted Canada’s proposals, and I acted as a liaison between our local members and the Wing. I’m committed to sharing information with members in Quebec and across the country by attending meetings diligently and organizing a congress in Quebec, having a first MP elected in Quebec, and fulfilling any other duties, at the Federal Council’s discretion.

I hold bachelor’s degrees in business administration and journalism and a master’s in public administration. I successively held positions as officer at Agriculture Canada, journalist (press, radio and television), government communications advisor in Quebec, past president of AmiEs de la Terre de Québec (2013–2017), and current president of Qualité de vie écodurable (green clubs), Coopérative de solidarité (Pop café) and Carrefour Tiers-Monde. I will dedicate 20 hours a month to meetings, subcommittees and retreats. I believe in the principles of the Global Greens Charter, and I’ve helped to improve it by representing the Party abroad.

Contact Jean

Phone: (418) 956-7380


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