Jean-Charles Pelland

Federal Council - Quebec

Hi! I was the candidate in Montarville in 2019 and am the EDA CEO of the riding.

Outside of the Party, I am the President of two non-profit organizations with an environmental mission. For work, I am currently a lecturer in a federal penitentiary where I teach courses in ethics and philosophy. I have a PhD in philosophy and have completed a post-doctoral fellowship funded by the Fonds québécois de recherche en société et culture at McGill University and the New College of the Humanities in London. I am continuing my post-doctoral research with McGill University and will soon begin a new internship in partnership with the University of Bergen, Norway. What I hope to bring as a Quebec Representative is more efficiency, transparency and communication. As a candidate and as a member, I have been struck by the degree to which the Party seems disorganized and very poorly managed, and how difficult it is to know what is going on at the highest level. Even when you want to be proactive, I find it difficult to know how, who to talk to, etc. This makes it difficult to attract people to the party. This makes it difficult to attract quality people to our ranks. I also find that the leadership does not communicate effectively with members and candidates, which makes it difficult for us to organize and have a common voice on important issues. I think the party needs to distance itself from other parties by following the science to the letter, both on environmental and economic issues. I want to see more of the grassroots aspect of the Party, and I want to attract good people to the Party so that we can be an important force in protecting the environment and the rights of all.

Thank you for thinking of me when it comes time to vote!