Krystal Brooks

Federal Council - Ontario

Aaniin/ Hello, 

My name is Krystal Brooks. My Anishnaabemowin name is Biiwaabik Nibi Kwe, which means Still Water Woman. I am 29 years old and from Rama First Nation. As a survivor of the child welfare system and human trafficking, a recovering addict/alcoholic and someone who’s faced mental health challenges associated with intergenerational trauma and homelessness, I believe what I bring to the table is unique. My understanding of the circumstances many Canadians are currently facing, including members of my own community and other Indigenous communities across Turtle Island is unique and can speak to the needs of so many people in this country who do not see themselves or their interests represented by any federal party. It is in this capacity that I hope to be of value to the party in applying for a position on Federal Council. It is my hope that my ability to be reflective and understanding of issues that many may have blind spots to as we try to foster a more diverse and pluralistic party in the future would be an asset to Federal Council. I believe incorporating an Indigenous perspective to Environmental Justice and Social Justice is fundamental in how we, as a political party, as like- minded people can better face the climate emergency we are currently experiencing. Incorporating current and traditional Indigenous outlooks and practices are important ways we can proceed in revitalizing our party's commitment to participatory democracy. 

Miigwetch/ Thank you.


Erik Schomann, Mathew Lund, Michael Pilling, Bonnie North, Jaime Ker, Jason Chavez Baines, Constantine Kritsonis