Stephanie Coburn

Candidate Biography

I am running for my third term as the NB rep on the GPC Federal Council. I think my previous experience allows me to be effective in this very important year, when we are working so hard to make a breakthrough. I have been on the NBGP Provincial Council since 2008. Also have been a member of the Board of the Conservation Council of NB for many years, with 10 years as President. It has been very interesting to move from activism to politics; passions are the same, it's just another way of working toward the same goals. My husband and I raise grass-fed beef on a small farm in Head of Millstream. We have three children, two in BC and one here on the farm with us. One grandchild so far, whose future I am eager to defend. I ran my own business for 25 years in Sussex, but have been retired for some time, allowing me to spend more hours in the garden in the Summer, and volunteering in various ways all year round.

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Phone: (506) 433-4885


Ann-Marie Cournoyer, Margo Sheppard, David Kersey, Sarah Colwell, Janice Harvey