Pearson Singbeil Montgomery

Federal Council - Manitoba

Hello! My name is Pearson (they/them) and I am a 19-year-old Green from Treaty-one Territory (Winnipeg). It's wonderful to meet you all!

I got involved with the Greens in 2019, enthusiastically volunteering nearly full-time on 4+ provincial and federal election campaigns, where I fell in love with the people-first atmosphere that Greens fostered. Since then, I was elected the first Youth Representative on the GPM's Executive in January 2020, and in that position I've worked hard at removing barriers and attracting youth members to the GPM. First, I passed a motion to make the GPM the first party in Manitoba with free youth membership. Later, I moved to strike a 'Youth Development Committee,' which I've co-chaired for 8 months, that's now growing a thriving youth community in the GPM and developing a framework to build up the GPM as the party for Manitoba's young progressives (with accessibility and equity being top priorities). I also volunteer extensively on the GPM's Communications and Governance committees, helping to improve By-Laws, code-of-conduct, procedures, and more.

In running for Federal Council, I hope to also act as an honest, accountable, bold, and independent voice in a time of rebuilding for the party. I hope to make myself accessible to all greens in Manitoba to continually provide democratic, grassroots representation. I am also excited to help build and represent the growing movement of young, diverse, progressive greens.

I'm incredibly excited to be running and can't wait to meet and work with you all soon :)


Nova Martin, Ana Amarante, Josée-Anne Le Dorze, Cole Osiowy, Dirk Hoeppner, Nicolas Geddert, Samantha Machado, David Nickarz, Bryanne Lamoureux