Wes Regan


As a past candidate and member of Shadow Cabinet since 2015, Wes brings valuable experience from multiple perspectives. He has extensive board governance experience in the non-profit sector serving as Chair, Treasurer, Advisor and Executive Director of mission and membership based organizations. In these various roles Wes has led and contributed to strategic planning processes, campaigns, and always exercised a stern commitment to good governance and good communication with members and stakeholders. Wes holds a Masters in Urban Studies, two undergraduate degrees in Geography, and a professional certificate in Community Economic Development. He is currently the Community Economic Development (CED) Planner for the City of Vancouver leading work on CED, poverty reduction, and social policy development. In addition to this he served as Director of Simon Fraser University's Community Economic Development Programs from 2017-2018. His work combines aspects of economic empowerment, de-stigmatization, social justice, reconciliation and sustainability.