Thana Boonlert

Candidate Biography

Thana is the current Alberta Representative on Federal Council and is seeking re-election. He is also the CEO of the Calgary Centre EDA, a past Green candidate in the 2015 Federal election, and intends to run again for the Greens this fall.

Born in Quebec and raised in Ottawa, Thana has the ability to speak fluently in both official languages and Thai. His background in Environmental Engineering (specializing in air quality and greenhouse gas emissions) and his active involvement around the community has allowed him to have a positive reputation in Alberta. As a young and ambitious professional, he often seeks to combine his technical and social skills in broadening his large network and learning new ways of communicating sensitive issues. He has graduated from the Next Up Climate Leadership Program which has given him the tools and understanding in examining issues relating to climate change and using a variety of lenses to analyze its intersections.

On Federal Council, Thana plays an important role by raising issues from the perspective of a visible minority and a young professional working in Alberta. Thana was also on the Finance Committee and Convention Committee of the Federal Council. His breadth of experience in past governance roles and the positive relationship that he has built with council members and the staff over the past two years would be a great asset to helping form a well-functioning, efficient, and thoughtful Federal Council moving into an important election year, and beyond.

Contact Thana

Phone: (403) 689-8547


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