Cass Romyn

Candidate Biography

I may be a new voice to the Green Party of Canada, however I am extremely passionate, genuine, and believe we need to come together to promote the 6 principles of the Green Movement for a better tomorrow. I am an activist at heart, who has been involved in organizing and creating literature for rallies across our nation, in hopes of encouraging others to stand up in solidarity for a brighter future, whether it be through improving human/animal rights & social justice, environmental rehabilitation & conservation, or speaking out against injustice and corruption as a whole. As a nominated candidate for both the Green Party of Alberta, as well as the Green Party of Canada, I truly believe in everything the Green Party stands for, and desperately want us to grow and succeed in future elections, as Canada direly NEEDS Green Party more representation!

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Phone: 587-983-9388


Jason Baker, Will Carnegie, Jennifer Roach, Ben Roach, Chris Vallee