EDA 101 & Annual Planning

Event Date

Wednesday, February 07, 2018 - 18:30 EST

Event Description

(6:30pm Eastern) EDA 101 & Annual Planning: This will be a hybrid of the "Most Basic but Essential" "EDA 101" webinar together with the "Planning Together" session. What is an “EDA” and why have you joined or formed one? How does it fit within the Green Party team and Elections Canada regulations? Whether you are a new volunteer, a new EDA just getting started or reinvigorated - we'll go over the why's and wherefores of local organizing with the Green Party of Canada.

Join the support team and fellow volunteer leaders and let's talk about what makes up an EDA, from AGMs and annual reports to building a community and sending representatives to Ottawa. And let's share why we've chosen to be Greens in the first place.

We'll go over the basic tools and rules for maintaining an EDA and ideas for simple annual plans. We'll also explore strategies to get to know your community better and to recruit a candidate to represent your community in 2019.

NOTE: These webinars are limited to party members and volunteers, and registrations will be checked accordingly.