Sonia Theroux


Political Organizer

Sonia Theroux is passionate about the power of organizing.

After seven years working in Capital Campaigns for the University of Victoria, Sonia managed the successful 2014 campaign to elect Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps, putting a strong focus on inclusive organizing. She went on to lead one of the Green Party of Canada’s strongest campaigns in 2015, helping Jo-Ann Roberts to achieve a 200% vote share increase in Victoria.

Following the 2015 election, Sonia worked as a Public Engagement Specialist for civic engagement tech company, Peak Democracy, where she advised cities and counties on effective public engagement strategies. She later returned to the Green Party in 2017 as Director of Mobilizing, putting her considerable skills to work fostering the Party’s organizing culture.

Sonia is now rolling up her sleeves with Vote PR BC to engage British Columbians in the upcoming proportional representation referendum.

Sonia holds a B.A. in Political Science from McGill University, after an inspiring high school teacher opened her eyes to the power of active citizenship.