Peter Bevan-Baker


Leader, Green Party of Prince Edward Island
MLA, Kellys Cross-Cumberland

Peter Bevan-Baker is the Leader of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island and the MLA for District 17 - the first Green MLA ever elected in Prince Edward Island. Peter lives in beautiful Hampton Prince Edward Island with Ann, his wife of 28 years. Together they have raised four children and have operated a thriving environmentally engineered dental clinic, café and community hall in a restored heritage church within their community.

Peter has always been concerned about improving his community – whether it was volunteering at his local school, sitting on boards of various organizations, speaking at international conferences, directing plays and musicals, or participating in politics.

Peter has been associated with the Green Party for over 20 years, sitting on federal councils and also running as a candidate numerous times.

Peter became the leader of the Green Party of PEI in 2012. Over the years, he has never wavered from his belief that the Green Party provides a timeless outstanding innovative approach to politics which will secure a prosperous, fulfilling and safe future for coming generations. As well, In his desire to advance the collective best interest of all Islanders he has expertly advocated for political issues and community initiatives that are at the core of Islander's values and that are common across all parties in PEI.

Peter is an dynamic communicator and mediator and was instrumental in writing the Canada Well-Being Measurement Act. It was through Peter's initiative with the elected Liberal candidate in his district that the Act was drafted and presented to parliament. This Act remains the greenest piece of legislation ever to reach the floor of the House of Commons. Since being elected to the PEI Legislature in May 2015, Peter has introduced similar legislation to the PEI Legislature, the Well-Being Measurement Act.

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