Thomas Teuwen

Candidate Biography

My lifetime as a factory worker, farmer, entrepreneur, volunteer and all round biophiliac, spans the world of business, management, community economic development, oil exploration, mining, environmental remediation, information technologies, eco-construction, eldercare and politics.

Through it all I've learned that there are systemic barriers, preventing us from building a sustainable world. It will take political fortitude, the kind that only the Green Party seems to be capable of delivering, to embrace a future we can all be proud to bequeath to our children.

As President I intend to apply my varied skills to help build a strong, united and inspired Green community that is committed to lead by example and reestablish public trust in our democratic institutions. Please visit my website to explore how I believe we can embrace the existential challenges and amazing opportunities of our time.

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Phone: (778) 350-0906


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